Betat Casino prepares for a new expansion

Betat Casino is already well versed in the art of providing gambling products thatlogo_button go well beyond the casino industry. Their members can play on virtual currency or real cash and enjoy the vast majority of the games in the same format.

In order to make an ever more inclusive gaming community, the gambling group is continuing the expansion.

Right now, it appears like they have bingo in their minds and the growth will occur on two fronts.

Set to launch a new addition on their network, there already spreading the news about the new product which go by the name of Big Tease Bingo. It appears to be a very popular game today, not only among traditional bingo players, but also modern online casino fans.

Many find it comfortable to switch from one genre to the other, now that the unified account allows them to do so. There are freerolls and other tournament that don’t have a buy-in and still result in generous paychecks.

The expansion to a new game will require some practice, but the community is already behind this plan. As soon as online bingo will become mainstream at Betat Casino, a significant number of existing players are expected to make the transition.

Some of them are already contemplating the possibility of playing new games, as long as there are available in the same safe format. With hundreds of titles available, the decision can be a bit difficult and the paradox of choice of evident.

The new press release details the course of action and it looks like the new software will be accompanied by plenty of new promotions. Automatic chat games will make it easier for players to interact with each other, just like they were in a traditional bingo parlor.

For many of those who used to play bingo exclusively in brick-and-mortar locations, this is one of the most important arguments in favor of jumping ship. Online, they also have the possibility of winning real cash without investing any of their own.

Eventually, an entire bingo network would be set up and Betat Casino doesn’t exclude the possibility of joining other operators. This is a similar approach and is the one of gambling compacts in the United States, with the upside of creating large communities of players overnight.