Maria Casino receives UK license

The vast majority of online casinos don’t accept players from United States except Maria Casino and that’s why they miss out on numerous lucrative deals.

Maria Casino is among the operators who chose to abide by the rules even though they would win a lot had they chosen to go around these regulations.

Meanwhile, they have their eyes locked on the second most profitable market in the world, which currently is the one in the UK.

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The local regulatory bodies are extremely demanding and that’s why casinos are reluctant to make this expansion. Maria Casino didn’t hesitate to tackle these challenges and already apply for a license earlier this year.

It is not exactly a surprise that their request was granted and they now have the legal framework to start serving customers from the British islands.

The decision to expand their presence in United Kingdom was already made, but they need in the license to operate legally. Meanwhile, they are doing a hell of a job in Europe and the number of customers from beyond borders is also on the rise.

Tapping into the immense potential of the UK market is going to further help the online casino in its constant quest of setting new milestones.

Receiving a local license has been their target right from the start and in the previous press releases, the CEO made is crystal clear. They are pursuing different directions and also tried to establish a beachhead in Italy, by following the same guidelines. 2015 seems to be a great year for the casino as both their wishes were granted and they can now provide Italian and British players with the games they were waiting for.

The fine graphics, the proven fair games and the overall amazing gaming experience are going to keep players happy for a long time.

Maria Casino is only operating in regulated markets and they’re expected that the proportion of revenue from these countries will rise significantly.

For the time being, they are still well about the profitability line, but this is the kind of investment that takes a long time to deliver rocksolid results. With the online casino being committed to implementing all the regulations and also taking social responsibility for gaming seriously, each step made in the right direction matters.

That’s why they enjoy such an impressive reputation and prospective customers have no hesitations to trust them with their funds.

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