Maria Casino to adhere to new European Commission data protection laws

Maria Casino is more than an online casino providing a broad spectrum of logo-maria-casinogames to its customers.

The company takes great pride in the fact that it is ready to meet the highest expectations of players in terms of security and privacy.

The vast majority of those who gamble over the Internet are just as interested in convenience and safety, so it makes perfect sense to provide them with frequent reassurance.

The European Commission is also watching closely over the gambling industry and every now and then makes recommendations to industry leaders.

Data protection was at the center of the new draft laws and most online casinos are expected to make the necessary amendments.


Maria Casino is already paying attention to these changes and diligently works towards bringing its own terms and conditions up to date. The main beneficiaries are obviously going to be the players, who will enjoy an even safer gaming environment.

When they don’t have to worry about the security of their funds and the safety of their private information, they can focus on maximizing their profits. Many European Union members have already reached an agreement and the draft of privacy and data protection is going to be implemented without any unnecessary delays.

On the other hand, it may take a while until the laws will be implemented continent wide, so it is up to individual online casinos to make the changes. Maria Casino announced its intention to lead the pack and the representatives made it crystal clear that their players will be the first beneficiaries.

In this case, they won’t have to wait for the European commission to resort to punitive measures, as they will comply voluntarily and they will do it without delay.

The current rules are pretty clear and until recently they were regarded as good enough to present the gaming environment. As the number of threats is on the rise and wrongdoers find new ways to jeopardize the security of online gamblers, these laws have to be amended.

Identity theft has emerged as one of the main threat not only for casino fans, but virtually all those who perform transactions over the Internet. Across the European Union, measures were developed to address this problem and the draft we mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg.

The General Data Protection Regulations and a Data Protection Directive is a comprehensive document and experts are constantly working on it. That’s why, it is fair to assume that throughout 2016, more changes will be made to them and online casinos will have to respond one way or the other.

Maria Casino has always been a staunch supporter of those advocating for tighter regulations and the casino doesn’t mind making these types of changes.

This is something good to know if you’re a prospective customer and have a hard time deciding between one casino and the other.