Paf Casino offers Weekly prizes with no strings attached

When things look too good to be true, they usually are and that’s why some paf-casino-logoonline gamblers might be a bit suspicious about Paf Casino’s latest offer.

Basically, the online casino is making an irresistible proposition by offering weekly prizes to their members, without any strings attached.

Players who log into their online account and play their games of choice will accumulate points and will also have their activity ranked based on other criteria.
The evaluation is not capricious or arbitrary, but customer support specialists are the ones who will make the decision when handing out the prizes. They are diligently working over the weekend to review the performance of Paf Casino players over the course of the previous week.


Based on their conclusions, the prizes will be awarded on Monday and they can range from a couple of free spins to cash prizes that can be withdrawn immediately.

Regardless of what bonus you are entitled to receive, it will be paid to you by Monday evening at 7 PM, so make sure you accepted. This is pretty much it and as long as you’ve got an active real money account and are active enough as to qualify for a prize, you could find your name on the list of winners.

The higher the stakes and the more frequent the deposits, the better the chances for your level of activity to be regarded as suitable for a paycheck.

Players are supposed to accept the bonus, yet they are not required to opt in for this promotion, so all it takes is to play your favorite game and have a lot of fun. The bonuses are subject to 10 times wagering requirements and only after this demand has been met, will the winnings accrued be released.