Tennis action moves to Asia this October

It’s been a while since tennis action was this intense and in the wake of the U.S. Open, top players decided indias-saketh-mynenito take a break.

The most successful eight men and women of tennis will return on the court later this month for the championship tournament.

This means that they need to be at the top of their form to stand a chance against the best opponents in the world.

The flagship tennis competitions of this month old take place in Asia, so players have the chance to accommodate with the atmosphere of this continent. Major tournaments are scheduled in Beijing, Tokyo and in other major cities of both China and Japan.


Serena Williams is not going to participate in any of them and the multiple champion is also going to miss from the final and most important tournament of the year, as she chooses to recover.

In her absence, the eyes turn to Maria Sharapova, the world number two but 2015 was riddled with injuries and she is uncertain for the tournament. The fact that she doesn’t play in the preliminary competitions says a great deal about her fitness and this leads the competition wide open. The best case scenario is for her to feature the start of the tournament, since there is a lot of money up for grabs, but it’s unlikely for her to make a deep run.

In the men’s competition, Djokovic continues his dominance and he recently won a tournament by defeating Rafael Nadal in the final. Furthermore, he didn’t drop a single set throughout the tournament and was impressive against all opponents, leaving them no chances whatsoever.

His aggressive style of play, tenacity and sheer talent making more than a match for the other tennis players and he is the main favorite to win the Championship Tournament of late October.

Right now, Shanghai has become the focal point of attention for tennis players from all over the world, with two huge tournaments being scheduled here. Both men and women will compete for glory and hefty paychecks and many of the ones in the top 10 will be present at the start.

Punters shouldn’t be too surprised if some of these players will decide to retire at the first sign of a potential injury, because the most important tournament is scheduled for just a couple of days from now.