The most generous bonus at Tivoli Casino

Tivoli Casino bonus codes is a pretty exclusive bonus casino, but this is simply tivolicasthe consequence of them trying to abide by the rules.

Instead of trying to bend these regulations and find ways around them, they prefer to lose business and not serve customers from countries where online gambling is illegal.

The upside is that players can use any financial instruments to deposit and cash out profits and they can also apply for all the bonuses available.

The new player bonus Tivoli Casino

Speaking of promotions and freebies, the welcome package is not only the tip of the iceberg but also the most generous bonus at Tivoli Casino. There are plenty of other offers available to those who deposit on a weekly basis and perseverance is rewarded through the loyalty scheme.

New players however are entitled to collect €200 if they deposit the same amount, because the first investment will be doubled.casinotivoli

If you’re lucky, tenacious and know how to play the games available will be able to convert this bonus into significantly more. Since wagering requirements need to be met in any way, it makes perfect sense for players to get familiar with the titles available.

It is not possible to divide the deposit into several chunks and make subsequent investments, at least not if you hope to collect the entire bonus. Only the first deposit will be doubled and if you choose to go for the low limits, you will have to accept the results.

How to claim bonuses at Tivoli Casino

All new members will enjoy the same terms and conditions for all bonuses and the welcome package makes no exception. For the online casino it makes no difference if you have access to sizable resources and can afford to deposit more than €200.

You will still receive the same amount as someone who tries to maximize the results of the first deposit and commit €200. On the bright side, the excess funds will not be subject to wagering requirements and you will be able to perform a withdrawal when you please.

It is very important for players to learn how to claim bonuses at this online casino because the same procedure will be followed later on. For instance, if you apply for the monthly bonuses that can go as high up as €6200, you will still need to play the bonus funds 20 times.