Vera and John Casino now accepts bitcoins

Bitcoin promised to bring about a revolution for online casino games, particularly those that had problems in gambling over the Internet.

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There are many countries where this type of entertainment is illegal and that’s why banks and other financial institutions are preventing players from depositing and cashing out funds.

Crypto currency has become the alternative in many parts of the world and Vera and John Casino is one of the online gambling operators that now accept bitcoins.

The reason for why they chose to introduce this currency on the list of accepted ones is that they don’t want to erect any unnecessary obstacles.

Players decide for themselves whether they prefer to wager and deposit in traditional currencies or take a leap of faith with the new one. Furthermore, the online casino is not going to make any distinction among players who reside in accept it jurisdictions, but at the same time they abide by the rules.

Vera and John Casino doesn’t accept players from United States despite the fact that this will provide them with an easy way of expanding the customer base. Instead they reiterated their commitment to respect the laws that prohibit gamblers from the US to wager over the Internet.

In the recent press release, they explain the reasons for why bitcoins were introduced, as they popularity of this crypto currency is constantly on the rise.Back in the day, the currency was regarded as unsafe and only a handful of merchants accepted it for online payments but this has changed. It is now a well-publicized currency and since 2013 the number of online casinos accepting it has almost doubled.

This seems to be an irreversible trend and there are plenty of ATMs that now accept such transactions, so it was only natural for gambling operators to jump on the bandwagon. Vera and John Casino is always at the forefront of innovation and they know that missing out on lucrative opportunities will have long-term consequences, so they didn’t wait any longer.

There are more than 12 million because out there and the stock value varies greatly, but people are increasingly confident in it. Speculated as they might be, bitcoins are perfect choice for those who cherish privacy and don’t want their transactions to come under scrutiny.

Online casinos understood and accepted these demands, which explains why the crypto currency is used mostly for gambling purposes.

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